Design for change

Great Miami Makeathon is a three-day design and prototype challenge in which participants develop functional prototypes that address the real-world needs of three of Miami’s hottest new learning and recreational spaces: the Miami Science Barge, Wynwood Yard, and the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora. Designs can center around technology, sustainability, education, or anything else that enhances the spaces and creates more engaging and innovative user experiences for their patrons while conserving resources. Winners will receive a cash prize, the opportunity to work with our partner venues to turn their prototypes into reality, and prominent placement at the upcoming Maker Faire Miami (April 8-9).



Miami Science Barge

Miami Science Barge is a floating marine laboratory and public environmental education center that catalyzes the local effort to build a sustainable Miami. Located on Biscayne Bay, in Miami, FL, the Barge hosts a variety of living systems and marine experiments that display cutting-edge science and engage the public with their environment.
Onboard there are hydroponic systems, an aquaculture hatchery display, solar panels, and more. The platform is designed to be a major focal point for STEM education and sustainability initiatives in Miami by showcasing Miami’s unique ecology and providing the forum to discuss the city’s future.

Wynwood Yard

The Wynwood Yard is a hub of food and culture in Miami. The food yard, events-and-live-music venue and all-day hangout space brings locals a smorgasbord of food, fitness, music and other cultural activities. Hand-picked culinary concepts and an edible garden are anchored within a vibrant outdoor setting.

American museum of the CUBAN Diaspora

American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora attempts to understand the impact the Cuban Diaspora has had on our world today. We showcase the history, culture and contribution the Cuban Diaspora has given to the arts and humanities. We serve the people of Miami and visitors from around the world that wish to look deeper into a history that is often underreported.